Steve Cummins

I started going to VR some 20 ish years ago, turning up a few mins before kick off buying a program to see who was playing and leaving after the last bars of paint it black drifted off. I wore the shirt I bought from the sports shop in town, Had little idea of who ran the club, the people who I sat with or what the ‘plan’ was. I had a dream that one day we would win something. Anything. I’d even settle for two games back to back.
Wind the clock on.. I turn up hours before KO, I socialise with my friends (met through the club) I have lunch, I have a drink, I wander around saying Hi to people I know. I bump into staff players and coaches who I engage with. I watch a great team give their best, and then I discuss the game with said friends. My girls have grown up with Saracens and my friends are their friends now. Two thirds of my wedding reception were season ticket holders!

During the week I get tweets, text messages and emails from the club. I can look on various social media to find a daily missive on the actions of the Saracens. I get a monthly newsletter from the SSA I go to away games and sit with my friends in the SSA and attend events run by them. (I live an hour away) as and when I can. I know the academy players watch A games I even know the stadium announcer. I feel like I belong.

I have never had an issue with the T/O. not once. Sure they are busy sometimes but hey aren’t we all? I always get a call back always get my tickets and always have a friendly voice on the other end of the phone. Likewise the shop.

We are now a multi million pound global business. like it or not that’s the commercial reality of sport in 2017. Want to call the shots? replace Sanlam, or Bathstore or one of the other sponsors.

Turning up and sitting back waiting to be ‘reached out to’ is a fairly narrow minded approach. Meet people half way maybe? Ask parents of the kids who attend the skills club if we have improved. I know the ‘plan’ i’ve heard it first hand.

Sorry to rant but this club, our club has moved on EG was someone to kick doors down which he did. We need a steady hand for the next phase. Just because you dont see Heath picking litter or taking photos or answering a question about cider at 4am doesnt mean he is any less effective at his job.

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